The online casino industry is one of the most digitalized. All Crazy Monkey slot machines that can be found on the Internet are based on random generators, which eliminates the possibility of using fraudulent tactics. Do not believe those who claim that there is a hack slot games. Such people are trying to make money by selling non-working schemes to players who are not familiar with the principle of online casino operation. To understand how to win at Crazy Monkey, you just need to stick to the chosen strategy and control the betting bank wisely.
Super game Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey game rules

Before you start applying tactics, you need to pay attention to a complete understanding of the principles of the game. In the Crazy Monkey game, the playing field consists of 5 scrolling reel lines, 9 paylines and 8 symbols that form winning combinations. The most valuable symbols are "Mask", "Lion" and the most important scatter bonus "Crazy Monkey", when three such symbols appear, the crazy monkey provides a bonus game. Do not worry if at first glance the rules seem too complicated. At any time, you can click on the button with hints and refresh the main points in your memory. The main thing at the first stage is to join the process, paying more attention to tactics.

How to play Crazy Monkey?

To start the Crazy Monkey slot machine, you need to select a bet and paylines. After that, by clicking on the "Start" button, it remains only to wait for the combinations to appear on the selected lines. During the bonus game, you need to pull the ropes, where there may be either prizes or heavy objects that will fall on the monkey and the calculation of the winnings that the player managed to get up to this point will take place. If the gambler correctly chose the line with the combination, then the risk game is available to him. At this point, you need to choose one of the four cards, which should be larger than the one in the monkey's hand. This allows you to double your winnings.
Combo in the game Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey tactics

In order to not just play, but periodically earn money, you need to act according to the strategy chosen initially. It does not consist in finding ways to cheat the game, but in following an algorithm that must be chosen even before the first spin. For example, starting with small bets, you can increase them with each win. Another good method would be to observe a step of 10 slot launches, after which to carry out a bet increase. These strategies instill in players a system that is very important in a casino. If you make bets at random, then the risk of wasting your deposit becomes extremely high. Experienced gamblers, relying on the theory of probability and their extensive life experience, develop their tactics and share them with everyone. Anyone who wants to make money in Crazy Monkey should take a closer look at the Smart Gambler strategy. Its essence lies in a clear definition of the end point of a playful session. This allows you to avoid impulsive bets and earn more efficiently. Only knowing the ultimate goal can achieve a specific result, especially in the Crazy Monkey slot game.